Yes I’m thankful for Jesus, my wife, my kids, my parents, my in-laws, my friends, my job, my church, my country, but here is my list of 20 things often overlooked but I’m sure we all appreciate.

  1. Bacon
  2. Diet coke
  3. Dryer sheets (when you don’t have them stuck to your back all day)
  4. The dogs greeting me when I come home when my family is all on their phones
  5. The undo button on the computer
  6. The 30 second fast forward on the remote
  7. DVR
  8. Videos of people falling down on AFV
  9. Tagless t-shirts and underwear
  10. HOV lane
  11. TSA Pre-check
  12. Not having to scrape ice off windows now that I live in California
  13. Kids bedtime
  14. Spotify
  15. Keurig
  16. RunPee app
  17. Netflix binge watching
  18. Red Zone channel
  19. Doritos Taco at Taco Bell
  20. Hot Now sign at Krispy Kreme

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be grateful for all the things that aren’t important… but especially the things that are!

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