It’s that time again.  Every guy is scrambling wondering what do I do? Thanks to Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd we tend to remember chocolate strawberries and flowers. But far too often, guys especially, we forget to prepare for Valentines day.  So just to help you out… here’s a few things you may want to avoid. I can neither confirm nor deny if I have learned these from experience.

  1. Thought we’d catch up on Walking Dead during dinner.
  2. I got you a copper pan.
  3. Care if I play 18 with the guys?
  4. 3 words: Two Buck Chuck.
  5. Honey, I’m going to run through Jack in the Box drive thru – want anything?
  6. I thought you’d love that dress, my mom loves hers.
  7. They were out of Chocolates, so I got Smarties.
  8. Here’s 30 days free at Jenny Craig.
  9. I made you a card… “Roses are red…”
  10. Is this thing on my back ready to pop?

In all seriousness, we celebrate Valentine’s day due to the honoring of a Priest in the 4th Century known as St. Valentine.  While imprisoned for his faith he would perform baptisms and weddings of fellow Christian captives.  Legend states that he even healed the daughter of his jailer. At his execution he left behind a note that concluded with “Your Valentine.”  This bering the first Valentine ever given or received.  So however you choose to celebrate, Hope you have a great Valentine’s day with the one you love.




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