I love reading over the summer.  Whether it’s by the pool, on the beach, or with a baseball game on in the background, summer seems like the perfect time to catch up on some books.  Here’s a list of a few things I read on my summer vacation that you may want to add to your fall reading list. There should be something for everyone on this list.

“Divine Direction” by Craig Groeschel

Great and trustworthy pastor of Life Church has written a new book about listening for God’s direction in your life.  It’s a good read that coincides with his church’s series of the same name. You can listen to it on their podcast lifechurch.tv.

“The Deep Things of God” by Fred Sanders

To be honest, I’m still working my way through this.  It’s not particularly long or complicated, but it is rich.  It’s a great journey through the importance of trying to understand the un-understandable – the Trinity. 

“Diary of a Country Priest” by Georges Bernanos

For those of you in pastoral leadership, the only reason I ever heard of this was due to a mention from Eugene Peterson that I listened to in a podcast interview.  It’s an old work, and to be honest, it’s fiction, but still a pleasant and insightful journey through the mind of a church leader who is trying to do right by God and his church.

“The Unexpected Adventure” by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittleberg

Do your palms start to sweat when you think about talking to someone about Jesus? This book walks through real life stories from these two guys’ lives in sharing their faith.  They address questions they face and fears they overcome.  It’s very encouraging and helpful.

“H3 Leadership” by Brad Lomenick

This is a fantastic book on leadership qualities and disciplines.  H3 stands for Humble, Hungry, and Hustle and Brad breaks down each one with separate goals and values to hold to bring out the best focus for your leadership.

“Wellbeing” by Tom Rath

Tom Rath has written many things about work place health and success.  This book gives some great practical wisdom for managing your fitness, relaxation, and execution to create healthy balances for both at work and at play.

“The Attention Merchants” by Tim Wu

A history of marketing.  Sound exciting? I found it fascinating to think about how advertisers work so hard to get in our heads to convince us of how unhappy we are without their product. 

Well, there you have it.  Some of these you might love, others, let’s be honest, you yawned while reading the title. 

But that’s what I read… what did you read? Love to see it…

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