Last year, Netflix released a series that absolutely took the world by storm and it was based on this book entitled 13 Reasons Why, and it detailed the 13 reasons why a girl in a high school decided to end her own life.  And she had recorded all of these and they begin to be circulated in the school and really depicted the amount of abuse, sexual assault, drug use and bullying that she had experienced as well as many other students in that high school.

It became quite a cultural phenomenon. People were discussing it and a lot of people were watching it and some of us as parents, we just assumed that this was a show very much like Stranger Things or other shows on Netflix that was all kid-friendly–not necessarily so.

And 13 Reasons Why is putting out a second season coming out in May of 2018. And I just want to share something for all parents out there.

First of all, before you watch it, recognize this is not Stranger Things. This is not maybe a Netflix show that you think is appropriate for your kids. You may want to watch it first for a couple reasons:

One, because your kids are gonna be talking about it, your kids are going to want to watch it, your kids may watch it without you knowing it and you need to know some of the things that they’re dealing with on a daily basis.

The second reason is this–your kids may come to you and want to watch it or you may find out about they have watched it and you want to talk to them about that. Don’t let this be one of those series’ that they see it, you don’t, and it’s never discussed. Let this be a series where neither one of you watch it or both of you watch it and discuss it together, because this is such an important concept and really, issue that they’re dealing with right now; how do you deal with bullying, how do you deal with sexual abuse, how do you deal with sexting and pictures taken and sent online and then used against them later on and then how do you deal with suicidal thoughts.

I encourage you, as a parent, to engage rather than disengage. You got your TV shows you got your agenda, you got other things that you’re busy with–the kids have theirs as well. Be into what they’re talking about and find out what’s going on in their mind.

13 Reasons Why: Season 2, I’m not saying you should watch it, I’m just saying be aware your teens are gonna have questions

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