We have a lot of descriptive words for Christmas: merry, bright, cheery, warm, justice?

We don’t typically think of justice when we think of Christmas. Let’s save that word for court, or at least for the Avengers’ movies. But justice is actually a big part of the first Christmas.

Justice is more than just wielding the sword of punishment on someone who deserves it. It’s also standing up for those who have no voice and have been given no dignity. When the prophet Micah speaks on behalf of God some 500 years before the first Christmas, he was calling for God’s people to return to God’s nature. One of mercy, one of humility and one of justice.

What is required of you? Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

And that is exactly what the first Christmas did for the first family. Mary, Joseph and the shepherds were all unlikely characters in the greatest event in human history. They represented an oppressed nation, the lower class from a hick town, working in a despised profession and had no hope of it ever changing–until Jesus. God chose this address to park his glory. So, what can we do this Christmas to do the same?

Three ways to act justly this Christmas:

Support a Freedom Worker at IJM.

International Justice Mission is standing up for those who have no voice. They are on the ground in foreign countries rescuing children from slavery. You can support these workers for as little as $20 a month. Click here to find out how:

Learn More About IJM

Provide a microloan for someone in a third world country.

Microloans are a way for you to fund someone’s business idea in an impoverished country by providing them a small loan they will pay back. This allows them to start their business and provide for themselves in a way that brings dignity and healing to their family. Decide as a family to give up on a few gifts and choose a business together.

Learn More About Kiva

Give to the Be Rich initiative.

Recently, at our churches, we partnered with thousands of other churches to be rich in good deeds and generosity. We are seeking to give as much money as possible to five organizations that seek justice and provide help for people all over the world. 100% of all donations are given away.

Learn More About Be Rich

Like many, the words of Micah have rocked my world in learning what it means to be a part of the kingdom of God. For the past year, I’ve been studying it and have been able to put together a book called Justice.Mercy.Humility. A Simple Path to Following Jesus. You can join the launch team right now and get the first chapter and a free, advanced copy of the book as soon as it’s available.

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