Who would have thought the idea of staying at home with your spouse might actually cause divorce?  Oddly enough, people are reporting that marriages are facing troubling ends during this time of being quarantined. 

What’s the best way to not just survive shelter at home, but to thrive at it? I read a great blog by Terry Gaspard and it inspired me to share some of her stuff and add some of my own. 

  1. Have a plan every day.
    Sit down the night before and ask, “what would be your win tomorrow?” then start scheduling things out. Even if you’re not a natural planner, have a few objectives. At least then your spouse knows what you are hoping to accomplish.
  2. Exercise each day for at least 30 minutes.
    Go outdoors go for a walk or ride your bike. And since many gyms and yoga studios are offering free online classes, indulge in one of them 3 times a week. Exercise releases feel good endorphins into the body and is great for your mental health and reducing stress levels.
  3. Start a 30-day challenge of showing appreciation for your spouse.
    Tell them two things you appreciate about them each day. Be specific, such as “I appreciated it when you made dinner last night so that I could take an on-line yoga class.”
  4. Take some “me time” every day.
    It’s amazing how stress disappears when you go for a walk alone or read a book for 30 minutes, etc.
  5. Make sure you have tech free periods each day that are media free (including social media).
    So much of what we hear on social media and the news is exaggerated and can contribute to anxiety, uncertainty, and stress which can keep you up at night.

After Easter, join us at rlcm.online.church for a brand new series designed to help your relationships. 

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