This week’s episode of Leading Simple hits home for me. And if you’re the parent of a college student, I know it will for you too. I got the opportunity to see my oldest daughter off to college this past year. You can read a bit about the advice I gave her here. And I imagine like any parent, so many questions come up about our kids once they’re gone. 

Are my kids safe? 

Did I teach them enough? 

Will they be connected to their faith?  

If you can relate, you’ll love this conversation with one of my good friends Brian Marshall. He’s currently serving as the campus pastor at the University of Kentucky. Brian and I sit down and chat about what campus ministry is actually like. We also discuss the assumptions parents might make about their college-aged kids and how to help your college students find and keep their faith.

Books Mentioned:

James K. A. Smith – You Are What You Love (book) –

About Our Guest

Brian Marshall’s passion for ministering to college students was planted in college and proceeded to grow from there. He was on staff at Southland Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, before transitioning to his current role as the lead campus pastor at the University of Kentucky for the past 17 years. He directs The Lewis House, a Christian ministry aimed at forming students and community members at the intersection of faith and academia. Brian also serves as one of the Christian Student Fellowship board members. Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

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