As we continue to try to make sense of how to move forward through this season of COVID and racial tension, we are consistently given this solution: we are better together. 

I agree with that. (I even wrote a book about that)

But as we try to build new relationships, as we try to cross the racial boundaries and extend a hand in reconciliation, we are constantly faced with fear and skepticism. “Is this for real? Can I really trust them? Are they genuine? Is this worth it?”

Recently I read this quote from former football coach Lou Holtz.  In a motivational speech to a sales convention, he said: 

“People always ask three questions before they buy from you: Can I trust you? Do you know what you are talking about? Do you care about me?”

Good words for any time… But especially during this time.

As we move into post-COVID life and we are beginning to re-engage in relationships, these questions are good to ponder.  

But as we move towards racial reconciliation and healing in this country… These questions are a must.

We all want to know…. “Are you being genuine?” Authenticity wins the day.

So… Be trustworthy.

If you don’t know what you are talking about… Seek to learn.

And care more about others than yourself.

Then, we will truly be better together

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