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Praying can be difficult. 

We don’t know what to say. We wonder if there are magic words. We worry we aren’t doing it right, and that’s why we never seem to get what we want. 

My relationship with prayer has been much like my relationship with math. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don’t, but I seem to always need some aspect of it. So over the past few years I decided to wrestle with my apprehensions to prayer.  I wrote about these as a guide to help others who struggle with talking to God. I discovered there are seven things we can do when God seems silent. And these seven things have helped me hear God more clearly. 

For everyone who has struggled either with what to say… or to be consistent in praying… here’s a 30 day prayer guide filled with quick and simple prayers to pray when you don’t know what to say.  My suggestion is to download the pdf, put it somewhere you’ll see it daily, and pray one prayer multiple times during the day. Maybe in the shower, maybe the car, and then in your bed. 

The issue is not HOW or WHERE, but rather creating a RHYTHM of talking to God.

Give it a try… purchase one and share it with a friend… 

What do you have to lose?


Pre-order my new book here: After Amen: What to do while waiting on God 

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