So, you prayed.  You sent that text to God. And now you wait… You see the three dots… and then, nothing.

Did it go through?

Was it delivered?

Did he hear you?

Are you supposed to do something else?

Is he waiting for you to ask nicely?

Can what we do AFTER we pray impact the answer we get?

Here’s a list of 20 things we most commonly do after we pray. See which one you do the most.

  1. Forget all about it.
  2. Write it down and go back to it later.
  3. Ask again, and again, and again.
  4. Assume it’s taken care of.
  5. Ask others to pray with you.
  6. Ask a Pastor or Priest to pray for you.
  7. Call the church and ask them to put you on the prayer list.
  8. Share your prayer on social media.
  9. Read books about prayer to find out if you did it wrong. 
  10. Assume God’s silence is a “no”.
  11. Listen to worship music.
  12. Light a candle.
  13. Go to church.
  14. Use Rosary beads.
  15. Go for a contemplative prayer walk.
  16. Pray louder.
  17. Sing. 
  18. Read your Bible.
  19. Pray again with your hand on the Bible.
  20. Quit. 

All of us pray. But not all of us feel like we’ve been heard. 

Could it be God is waiting on us to do something AFTER we pray that may not even be on this list?

In my new book After Amen: What to do When You’re Waiting on God we cover 7 things to do that will impact how you hear God… and even impact what he says.

Pick up your copy today!

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