There are two types of people in this world:

People who plan and stress, and people who don’t plan and aren’t stressed out.

I say from experience, because I’m often a planner who gets stressed out.  And the Christmas season only seems to make it worse – I stress over all the things I need to do at work, but I also stress over all the things I need to do at home to make it the best Christmas ever!

And this year seems even more important than years previous. After all, we are living in the Covid-19 season and we would love to end 2020 on a good note.

So, how do we do that?

Let me share 3 things I’m using this year to really help my anxiety and self-induced stress this Christmas season…

First… Make a List. 

That’s music to the ears of all planners.  We love lists.  But think about all the things you want to have experienced as a family or group of friends this Christmas season. Here’s some of my list:

  • At least 5 nights of Christmas light looking.
  • All our favorite Christmas movies that must be watched.
  • Gingerbread house contest
  • Hang the lights
  • Decorate inside
  • Help several families in need 
  • Hot chocolate by the fire pit outside

You have a list, it helps to put it on paper. Ask your family to help.  “What needs to happen for this to be a good Christmas?”

Second… Divide the List.

Two categories will suffice: MUSTS and MAYBES.

Stress happens when everything is in the MUST list.  But some things are good ideas, but not great ideas.  Some things would be nice, but they are not necessary. 

For instance, cutting down your own Christmas tree may be a MUST for you. Not for me.  It’s a maybe on my list, but I’m good with the fake one that won’t burn down my house.  Just sayin’. 

Again, ask your family to rank your previous list in order of importance.  Then you are all on the same page. 

Keep in mind, most of us (myself included) create a Hallmark movie list and end up with a Griswold experience.  So, let’s make sure we take the pressure off.  You don’t have to do everything.

Third… Revise the List.

Often we spend so much time on creating the perfect Christmas experience for us that we forget about how to help others this Christmas season. 

The first Christmas was anything but comfortable: an unwed teenager giving birth in a stable is not necessarily a Hallmark movie…

But the good news of God coming to Earth is this:  Peace on earth, goodwill towards all. 

Isn’t that what our world needs this year more than ever?

So, What’s on Your List for Others This Year?

Serve in a homeless shelter. 

Give presents to underprivileged children.

Work with a great organization to serve others.

At RLC we are giving away a Christmas offering to help those in need. To see all of our recipients, check out I invite you to join us.


So, what’s on your list?

Your Pastor,
Rusty George 


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