Over the past 12 months, our world has faced the reality of death in a whole new way.

The possibility of an unseen, unknown virus robbing us of our life only added to our already present fears of murder, cancer, and car accidents… 

And because of this, many of us are overwhelmed with question of, “What would happen to me if I died?”

It might be your kids questions, your aging parents question, or just your own question. But we all wonder about the great unknown.  

Will there be a bright light? Will we meet Jesus? See loved ones? Or could we experience something unspeakable..? 

Pastor and best-selling author John Burke decided to interview over 1,000+ people who had had a near death experience (NDE), and his results were not only shocking, but they reveal to us some of the facts that we can know about the afterlife. 

Because what each and every one of those people experienced lines up with exactly what we read about in the Bible about life after death. 

We talk about many of these NDE stories and discuss the facts that we know to be true about the afterlife in our recent episode of the Leading Simple podcast

Now, after you listen to that episode, odds are that you will still have some questions that you’d love for John to answer…  So, we are going to do a follow-up Part Two podcast episode, where I’ll ask him your questions. Just send them to me at rgeorge@reallifechurch.org, or DM me on my Instagram.


Your Pastor,
Rusty George

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