By this point, you’ve heard all the usual things to help with your mental health. 

Eat well.
Get good sleep.
Have friends.

I’ve written and recorded many talks about this. In fact, if you missed it check out ep. 156 of the podcast where I share about some of the dark sides of mental health that the church often misses.

But as school kicks off for our students there are a few other things that might help them immensely. (And you too!)

Dr. Paul Alexander helped point us in the right direction on episode 160.  And here are three more ideas that can help you this year.

How to help your student have good mental health this year

1. Tech free time for EVERYONE in the family

I know, many of us use our phones for work and school.  But, if we want to get our kids off their phones then we have to model it.  So, start slow.  No phones at the dinner table.  Or go big… no phones after 8 pm.  Or, as some parents do, no phones in your room.  Before you fear social services being called on you remember that many experts cite social media as the root cause of our kids’ bullying, exploitation, and depression. 

2. Use the phone as a weapon for good.

Now that we’ve vilified the phone in the last suggestion, what if we channeled its power for something that was good.  Make a practice in your family to text or DM one person every day and tell them how great they are.  “Just wanted you to know that I think you are awesome”  or “just thought of you. Appreciate our friendship”.  Those kinds of quick hits provide dopamine for you and the recipient. 

3. Volunteer together. 

Nothing right sizes your personal issues like helping someone else with theirs.  Find a way to serve together in your local church.  Volunteer for something in your community. Go on a mission trip together as a family.  Jesus was on to something when he said… “whoever seeks to find his life will lose it, but whoever gives his life away will find it.”  

Those are my three. What are yours?

Praying for good mental health for you and your students this year!


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