We all have had a moment where we’ve looked at a celebrity or leader and thought to ourselves, “if I had that kind of platform, here’s how I’d help the world.” Well, what if you could leverage your voice to influence the influencers?

Over the last few years, Pastor Mark Weigt has had the chance to do just that for one of the most influential people at one of the most successful sports organizations. In this episode of Leading Simple, Mark and I sit down to talk about all things influence. We also discuss how he founded The Ridge Community Church and how one simple step can lead to a more significant impact where you least expect it.

About our Guest

Pastor Mark Weigt

Mark is the Lead Pastor of The Ridge Community Church located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mark’s passion is creating churches non-church people like to attend, which is why he planted The Ridge in 2006 to help people find and follow God. The Ridge is accomplishing its mission through two campuses and an online campus. Mark has a business degree from the University of Miami and a Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

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