Our friend Mark Moore, a previous guest on the podcast, wrote Core 52. In this book, Mark took the 52 core principles out of the bible that you need to know. Each one helps you to understand what the bible is about.

2021 has been a wild year. It left a lot of people with a lot of questions.

“What does this mean for us?

“Where’s God in all of this?”

“Where’s the Church in all of this?”

So, looking forward to the new year, I invite you to a reading challenge. I’m asking everybody who listens to Leading Simple to grab a copy of Core 52. Together, we’ll read through some of the most influential, life-changing passages of scripture.

Follow us on this journey over the next 52 weeks, starting in January 2022.

I also want to take the time to thank everyone who has helped make Leading Simple happen from week to week. From my co-host, Brad Williams, to everyone working behind the scenes to Charisma for partnering with us. And last but not least… thank you all for listening, sharing, and supporting Leading Simple.

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