I had a chance to sit down with Kevin Queen for this episode, and I have to tell you. I took notes. It was great getting to hear his insights on developing as a leader and getting creative in crisis. Kevin also shared his experiences leading through a leadership transition, changing church culture, and a tornado. If you’ve had to step in during a crisis or even if you’re stepping into a leadership role, I know that there’s something good in this episode for you.


About Kevin Queen – 1:27

  • Kevin’s home, family, and favorite sports teams.
  • Kevin shares his lessons in moving from “assistant coach” to “head coach”.
  • How to navigate having healthy ambition without getting in front of what God has for you.

Lessons from Kevin’s Pastoral Leadership – 15:55

  • How Kevin interacts with Scripture while prepping for a message.
  • Kevin’s experience as he shifted the culture of Cross Point more towards worship and prayer.

Rusty and Kevin get practical – 36:40

  • The nuts and bolts of how Kevin organizes a service for a multisite campus.
  • Getting creative in the face of natural disaster.


About Our Guest

Kevin Queen at the beachKevin Queen is the lead pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a proud husband and father to 4 great kids.

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