Are you ready to unlock the secrets to standing out as a top candidate in an executive search? Join us as we sit down with William Vanderbloemen, who brings fascinating insights from his analysis of 30,000 interviews, unveiling the 12 essential habits that differentiate the standouts from the rest. Surprisingly, these weren’t about a high IQ or an Ivy League education – but teachable habits like responsiveness that can make a world of difference.

Then, we shift our focus to why human-to-human skills, liberal arts degrees, and a track record of performance are crucial indicators of future success. The conversation takes an interesting turn as we debate the significance of allowing candidates to ask questions during interviews, the misunderstood dynamics of job transitions, and balancing leadership with testimony in a church setting. Plus, we talk about William’s new book, ‘Be a Unicorn,’ a game-changer in how we perceive careers and personal growth.


About Our Guest

William Vanderbloemen HeadshotWilliam Vanderbloemen has been leading the Vanderbloemen Search Group for 15
years, where they are regularly retained to identify the best talent for teams, manage
succession planning, and consult on all issues regarding teams. This year, Vanderbloemen will complete their 3,000th executive search. Prior to founding Vanderbloemen Search Group, William studied executive search under a mentor with 25+ years of executive search at the highest level. His learning taught him the very best corporate practices, including the search strategies used by the internationally known firm Russell Reynolds. Prior to that, William served as a Senior Pastor at one of the largest Presbyterian Churches in the United States

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