Leading in the dark.

All of us have times we feel like we are leading our family or our business or even ourselves right into the dark.

Leading post COVID-19 feels a bit like that.  

What’s next? How do we bounce back? What do we do now?

Jesus tells a story about a business owner who entrusted people with shares of his business. Those who invested it and managed it wisely were given more.  This applies not just to money but also wisdom and clarity.

We all want to win the lottery of wisdom. What will happen next? Where should I work? What’s next for me in my relationships? 

But the one who manages it wisely is given more. 

Pastor Larry Osborne calls this the dimmer principle.  Much like a dimmer switch on a light, the more right decisions we make, the brighter the path gets. 

Here’s the one thing I’m learning this week: The more we do the next right thing, the clearer the path will become. 

Not sure what business will look like next year? Serve the next person like they are the last.

Not sure what your marriage will look like in 5 years? Love your spouse like they matter more than you.

Wondering if you should plant a church, serve on the board, or lead an area of ministry? Start by introducing yourself to someone sitting alone on Sunday. 

Keep doing the next right thing, and watch as the lights slowly get brighter. 

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