Have you ever said these phrases?

“I’m not where I want to be.”

“I really need to really work on…”

“I don’t know much about…”

“One day I will…”

“I’d give anything to be like…”

We all have.  We just assume that one day we’ll magically have the will power to become who we aspire to be.

But habits eat will power for breakfast. 

Our habits are small daily activities that add up to a lifestyle.  And one day will define a life. 

The question is, is this the life you will be happy you lived?

When it comes to trying to follow Jesus, we all assume that one day it will magically happen for us.  

These are our hopes:

We’ll be more loving, more kind, not fly off the handle in traffic, or at home.  We’ll make an impact, earn the respect of our adult children, leave a legacy, have people weep when we die and say all kinds of glowing things about us.  

But these are our real habits:

Workaholism, self-medicating, demanding our rights, cheating people at work, clearing our browser history, escaping with endless youtube videos and gaming, all while battling fear and anxiety.  

So let’s try something new.  Take the next 28 days and develop some habits to become more like Jesus.  

28 days till Easter. 28 days to a new you. 

Many experts say new habits are formed somewhere between 21 and 28 days. 

So, let’s spend 28 days reading and acting like Jesus, and we’ll discover that Jesus makes life better and makes us better at life.

The gospel of Matthew is 28 chapters long. I’ve written a 28-day devotional plan to help you read one chapter a day and learn who Jesus is and the life of significance he has for you. 

Sign up today for the free daily Bible study here.

Let’s march towards Easter together. 

And when we get there, we’ll all look a lot more like Jesus than when we started. 

Your Pastor,
Rusty George

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