I know, I know… That sounds a little self-serving.  

But hang with me here.

If you are not careful, you’ll view the church like you view your local coffee shop.

You used to go every day, then during Covid, you just started making coffee at home. Sure, you missed talking to your regular barista and seeing the locals you always bumped into at the creamer station…

But what started off as all you had, now is just a convenience.

And maybe that’s the way church for you. You missed people and live worship, but hey, watching church from home in your pajama pants while you scroll through Facebook was kind of nice.

But, as a pastor of a local church, can I ask you to consider something..?

If the church is the hope of the world, can that be achieved by casual content consumption?

As a pastor, can I ask you to do one thing that would help you go from a content-consumer, to being a part of the local rescue mission to change the world for Jesus?


… Go from watching online, to participating in the online chat. 

… Go from just attending, to serving.

… Go from talking about the service in the car, to talking about it in a group.

… Go from complaining about “kids these days”, and start helping in the student ministry.

… Go from just casually listening to the message when you’re on the treadmill, to sharing the link with someone who would be encouraged by it.

… Go from showing up late and leaving early, to arriving early, saying hi to people, and staying a bit later to talk to some more. 

… Go from giving when you have extra cash on you, to setting up a recurring gift online.

… Go from wondering about your church’s missions they support, to going on a missions trip.

Whether you watch online or you show up to a physical location, church was never meant to be a spectator sport.

It was meant to be a living-giving life force that is the very hands and feet of Jesus.

So get in the game! Engage.

If you’re in the Valencia area, click here to get involved at RLC.


Your Pastor,
Rusty George

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