Let’s face it. There are times you just think… “Do I really have to serve at church AGAIN?”

This is the time of year that most churches are beginning to recruit volunteers for the fall ministries launch, and you’ll be inundated with many opportunities to serve at your church. 

The problem is that, due to the quarantine, most of us had about 365 days to get out of the habit of serving. 

And most say it only takes 18 days to create a new habit. And our new habit is staying home, watching church  online occasionally, and never serving

In a recent podcast with church growth guru and Unseminary.com founder Rich Birch, he talked about the value of recruiting and serving in your church. It’s a can’t miss, and you can listen to it HERE

So before you just cancel the culture of volunteering ever again, let’s think about these 3 things:

3 Reasons to Still Volunteer at Your Church 

1 • You are never more like Jesus than when you serve.

He set the standard by leaving Heaven, living as a homeless carpenter, serving the poor and the sick, washing the disciples’ feet, and then dying for us all. We learn about Jesus when we study, but we act like Jesus when we serve.


2 • You are happier when you serve.

Serving makes you more satisfied with life. You take the focus away from your own problems and brighten the day of someone else. Even if they aren’t grateful to you, you are always more at peace. Serving literally replenishes your soul.


3 • You make new friends when you serve.

Nothing connects us better than a mission. It’s what makes sports teams win, campaigns successful and warriors victorious.  So when you serve with others you inevitably build  connections with other like minded people. 

Still not convinced?

Listen to Episode 157 below, where Greg Atkinson tells a story about being a secret church shopper and unpacks the value of first impressions at a church.

You literally might save someone’s life… And that someone might just be you.

Your Pastor,
Rusty George


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