Due to Covid shutting things down last year, experts are saying this summer will be one of the most traveled summers in recent memory!

So, if you are stateside and traveling by rental car or family truckster, I thought we should discuss what to eat! After all, calories don’t count in the summer, right?

In a recent episode with former Chick Fil A Exec Jeff Henderson, he said his favorite order was a #1 with extra pickle… I’d never tried EXTRA pickle. What a great idea. 

Here are a few of my favorites that you may come across. So if you do, you’ll know what to order:

Top Food & Restaurants to Try When Traveling this Summer

1 • Skyline Chili.

This is primarily  found in the Cincinnati area and it is a local treasure. Brace yourself, it’s not normal spicy hot chili. It’s more flavorful with a touch of cinnamon. Sound strange? Trust me. It’s awesome. Get the three way and 2 chili cheese coneys.

2 • In N Out.

Local for many of us, but not others who get this blog. This west coast tradition is the best burger you can get in my opinion. Double Double animal style with animal style fries. Diet coke (because I’m trying to be healthy!)

3 • Sonic.

Caution. This is a drive thru only. Don’t try to go inside (as I’ve seen people do and they end up in the kitchen) While they are known for their shakes and crazy drinks, I like their Chili Frito Pie. It’s off menu, but they can do it for you. Then a cherry limeade. You’re welcome.

4 • White Castle. 

Man, I miss White Castle out here on the west coast. You can eat more of these little burgers than you think. Order a bunch.

5 • Waffle House.

Not a drive thru, but worth the time. Pecan Waffle. Hashbrowns scattered covered chunked. Ham and Cheese omelette. And in most places in the south… served with a side of smoke. .

6 • Cracker Barrel. 

Again, not a drive thru, but a welcome stop for weary travelers. I’d go with the Sunrise Sampler. Skip the grits but not the hashbrown casserole. Prepare for a nap afterwards. 

7 • Freddy’s.

More of a midwest thing, but great burgers, shakes and a midwest specialty “frozen custard”. It’s a very dense and sweet ice cream. 

8 • Schlotzsky’s.

Would someone please bring one of these to Santa Clarita? An incredible deli type sandwich place. Get the Original. You won’t regret it.

9 • Hard 8 BBQ. 

This is in Texas. You point at the BBQ meats you want. They put it on a plate and weigh it. You pay by the pound. Careful. Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach at this place. It’s epic.

10 • Braum’s.

An ice cream place that serves burgers. Get the Turtle Sundae. Oh, and you can grocery shop there too.

That’s my list. It’s far from exhaustive, but I’m starving after even just typing it out. What’s yours? 

Your Pastor,
Rusty George



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