Holly Tate from Leadr is our guest this week, and it was so good getting to speak with her. 

We had the chance to talk about some questions many are wrestling with lately about their career satisfaction. Employees may be wondering how to discern the next best step in their career. Employers may be questioning how to help their teams feel supported and fulfilled in their roles. Across the board, people want to know how to develop as a leader. Holly breaks down 5 simple tools that you can utilize to help develop leaders in your organization as well as how to lead across generations.


Getting to Know Holly – 1:41

  • Holly’s background.
  • How Holly figured out when it was the right time to change roles.
  • Holly’s definition of leadership.

What Does it Look Like to Be Leader – 9:15

  • The number one pain point for ministry leaders and corporations alike.
  • Leadr’s philosophy on leadership development.
  • Holly’s thoughts around the Great Resignation.

Developing Leaders in the Next Generation – 16:35

  • What does leadership mean for each generation?
  • The five simple tools you can use to build leaders.


About Our Guest

Image of Holly Tate smilingHolly Tate is the SVP of Growth at Leadr, a people development software company. Prior to working at Leadr, she spent 9 years helping organizations hire and build their best teams at Vanderbloemen, an executive search firm. In 2020, Holly left her role as Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Vanderbloemen to launch The Ready Network LLC, which she founded to help people and organizations get ready for growth.

Holly is driven by the relentless pursuit of growth in herself and inspiring others to discover their full potential in their personal and professional lives, achieving more than they thought they could.

As SVP of Growth at Leadr, Holly’s passion for developing others is brought to life as she pours into the growth of the Leadr staff and shares the value of people development with organizations around the country.

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