Some of the best leadership lessons I’ve learned have come from conversations I’ve had with sports legends like Ned Yost on the podcast (you can listen here as he talks about how to build a winning team culture). But there’s nothing like learning alongside a friend. That’s why I’m glad to have Brad Williams back for this episode of Leading Simple. Join us as we sit down to talk about the lessons on leadership we’ve picked up on throughout the summer, our hopes for the Lakers, and why magnifying the positive is crucial for any leader.

Special thanks to Stadia for sponsoring this month’s podcast.


Leadership and the Lakers – 1:44

  • Rusty and Brad talk about the Lakers new head coach, Darvin Ham.
  • Reflect on the years for the Lakers and share their predictions for the coming year.

The Best Lessons on Leadership this summer – 5:34

  • Pat Riley, the Knicks, and building a winning team.
  • What we can learn from a Navy SEAL about leadership.
  • Rusty shares about The Beauty of Constraint and how constraints can can lead to innovation.

The Best Lessons around Faith and Leadership – 

  • Faith and manhood are so much more than chopping wood.
  • Andy Stanley tells Christians why they are aren’t actually in it to win it.
  • Brad shares why John Bevere’s book is so relevant today.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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