My next guest needs no introduction. It’s always a great time when Brian Dodd is on the podcast. Brian’s got a knack for pulling leadership lessons from sports, which is one of the reasons we get along so well. You can hear some of his past episodes here, and here. And this time around was no exception. It was incredible hearing his insights from the football playoffs, the incredible team coaches, and Dolly Parton?Well, you’ll just have to listen to the episode for that last one.

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About Our Guest

Brian Dodd smiles in a headshotBrian Dodd serves as Director of New Ministry Relationships for Injoy Stewardship Solutions, where they help churches fully-fund their mission and vision.  During the last 14+ years, Brian has spent each day having one-on-one conversations with many of the greatest church leaders in America. He also has over 25 years of church volunteer and staff experience.

Brian is the author of The 10 Indispensable Practices Of The 2-Minute Leader and Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices Of Apex Leaders.

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