People hear the title Executive Pastor and wonder what that title actually means? Well, my guest Jim Sheldon sheds some light on what that role has meant for him as he helps lead Mission Church, a church plant in Ventura, California. He also gives some background about what it was like for him moving from a corporate setting to into ministry (including a role as a police chaplain).

Maybe you’ve considered transitioning from a corporate role to a role in ministry. We got to touch on that with guests like Jodi Tonarelli (listen to her perspective on being an executive pastor here) and Debbie Robert (listen to her story here). And Jim’s story is another one to hear if that’s a question you’re asking yourself. I think you’ll get a lot from his experiences guiding staff and his own self discovery in this role. I think you’re going to be really blessed by what Jim has to say.

Special thanks to the Saga Center for Mental Health for sponsoring this episode.


About Jim  – 01:35

  • Jim’s early years
  • Moving from the Marketplace to Ministry

What is an Executive Pastor? – 10:23

  • What does an executive pastor’s day look like in a church plant setting?
  • What does it mean to develop people?
  • How has Mission Church changed since day one?

“Tell me more…” – 29:34

  • How to work alongside a visionary leader.
  • Jim’s role in leading staff at Mission.
  • Jim’s work as a police chaplain.


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