You’re either in a crisis or heading towards one. 

Suicide, a school shooting, and moral failures are all things I didn’t learn how to prepare for in seminary. In my over 20+ years in church leadership, I’ve witnessed some things I pray you never have to encounter. However, the reality is that you will have to deal with a crisis sooner or later. In this course, we take an honest look at the crisis we’ve faced, what we did right, wrong, and what we would do differently if we had to do it again.

Course Features 

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Course Content

Video 1: You’re either in a crisis or headed towards one

Video 2: Managing the crisis in me

Video 3: Avoiding crisis on staff

Video 4: When staff members collide

Video 5: Moral failures

Video 6: Dealing with a financial crisis

Video 7: Kobe Bryant

Video 8: Racial and political tension

Video 9: Dealing with Suicide

Video 10: Helping a community heal after a school shooting

Video 11: Handling the press

Video 12: When people leave your church

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