Thank you for all your positive feedback on our 40 episode podcast journey through the Beatitudes. It was so fun to do, and it will return!

So what is next?

Starting this week, you can access Real Life in 5(ish) on YouTube. This series will be a slightly longer video format that you can still listen to in your car or on your run. It will drop once a week for the next five weeks.

The topic? How to get out of your faith funk!

All of us have felt stuck at one point or another. This series will give you five things to do over the next five weeks to help breathe life into your soul again.

And if you missed Real Life in 5, catch up here.
I don’t want you to miss the next one, so keep your eyes peeled because on Nov. 29th, the Real Life in 5 podcast returns for the Advent season!

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