Are you looking for things you can do to bring your family together this thanksgiving?

I’ll spare you the usual. 

Eat turkey.

Watch football.

Decorate for Christmas.

Here are 7 different ideas you can try while you have some time with your family.

  1. On Friday, instead of just going shopping, help some shoppers. Go to a Target or Wal*Mart and put carts away for people. Set a timer with your kids and see who can put the most away. Then let the winner pick lunch.
  2. Have everyone write down Christmas movies you want to watch. Then, put them in a shuffle app or on strips of paper in a bowl if you are an OG, and watch whatever you draw. 
  3. Make a box to collect Christmas cards in… and then for the new year, take one card out a week and pray for that family.
  4. Paint a room in your house. My wife told me to say that.
  5. See who can come up with the most unique and tasty meal using only leftovers.
  6. Play an old-school board game. 
  7. Decide as a family to sponsor a child through Compassion International. For around $40, you can change a child’s life. Listen to my conversation with one of those kids here:

Go to to join us today as we work to sponsor 1000 kids!  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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