It’s the season for giving! The Christmas season has always been a time to reflect on our own sense of generosity. Generosity is something that my guest, John Rinehart, knows a little something about. John Rinehart is an author who found in his early working days that there was more to life than working to accumulate as much as possible. He had seen God’s faithfulness in his own life and took a leap of faith thanks to his wife that would change the trajectory of his entire life.

John and I sit down to talk about the Gospel Patrons and what it looks like to develop the gift of giving in ourselves. John is a fantastic guy, and I think you’ll enjoy our conversation. So listen in, and let me know what you think in the comments below.


About our Guest

John Rinehart lives with his wife and children in Southern California. He is the author of Gospel Patrons and executive producer of the short films available at

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