Lane Jones is one of the co-founders of North Point Ministries, an incredible church with multiple campuses across the Atlanta area. I’ve gotten to know and learn from him over the past five years and it’s great to have him on the podcast to share his insights with you. He led along Andy Stanley as they started and grew North Point to what it is today. Lane shares his experiences from the early days, the lessons he learned about leadership over three decades, and what’s next for him in the coming years.

Special thanks to the Saga Center for Mental Health for sponsoring this episode.

Lane’s Story – 02:36

  • About Lane Jones
  • Ministry beginnings in Atlanta

Three Decades of North Point  – 12:47

  • What the early days at North Point were like.
  • Gaining notoriety as a ministry
  • Navigating exponential growth
  • North Point today

What’s Next? – 43:11

  • What does the next decade look like for Lane?
  • How to support leaders from the second seat


About our Guest

Lane Jones smiles at the camera in front of a light brick wall.Lane Jones is one of the co-founders of North Point Ministries (NPM) in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Beginning as North Point Community Church, NPM has grown to 8 churches in the Atlanta GA area that engage over 35,000 people each week.  

He currently serves as the NPM Executive Director of Multisite Ministry overseeing NPM’s Atlanta churches and the Irresistible Church Network. He is the co-author of Seven Practices of Effective Ministry and Communicating for a Change.  

Lane is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his wife Traci.  They have three grown children and six grandchildren.

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