It’s been an honor serving Real Life Church for the past 20 years. Join me and my lifelong friend Michael Hinton as we reflect on two decades of ministry at Real Life Church. Michael and I share our journey, discussing the highs, the lows, and the faithfulness of God throughout it all. Michael and I also explore the wisdom we’ve gathered from mentors and how it has shaped our ministry work.

We discuss the importance of asking questions, taking risks, and being wise stewards. We share insights on navigating the risks and wisdom involved in making major decisions. We also discuss how balancing roles as a pastor, husband, and father have taught us the importance of prioritizing quality time at home. This episode is packed with valuable lessons we’ve learned along the way, from leadership challenges to the power of prayer. So, join us as we reminisce, reflect, and share wisdom from 20 years of ministry at Real Life Church.

Special thanks to our sponsor for the month and one of our favorite ministry tools at Real Life Church, Subsplash, the first engagement platform for churches.


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