Join in as I sit down with Dave Stone, a veteran in the world of church ministry. Growing up as a pastor’s kid led him to Cincinnati Bible College, where he majored in preaching and practical ministry. After that, he worked under the leadership of Wayne Smith and Brewster McLeod at Southland Christian Church where he would later become the lead pastor. Dave doesn’t shy away from reflecting on his faith and examining how his father’s consistency in his faith played a significant role in his life.

We also had the chance to talk about the ups and downs of church leadership, from Dave sharing his insights on crafting a sermon and presenting it with a little sleight of hand to handling criticism with grace. Dave’s tenure as the lead pastor brought him face-to-face with this reality of leadership. His advice on how to handle negativity and how he transformed a potentially destructive experience into a positive one is food for thought. Dave’s humor and honesty make this episode a must-listen for any believer or leader navigating similar challenges. You’ll want to tune in for a conversation that’s as honest and humorous as it is enlightening.

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About Our Guest

Dave Stone smilingFor 30 years, Dave Stone preached at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. During his 13 years as Senior Pastor the weekend attendance grew from 18,000 at one campus to 27,000 at seven campuses. He serves on Boards for Spire,  Focus on the Family and the Rawlings Foundation and is on the Teaching Team for CCV in Phoenix, AZ.

Dave has a heart for people and a passion for families. He and Beth have three children and ten grandchildren. When Dave speaks he has the unique ability to touch both your heart and your funny bone.

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