Listen in as we journey with Jaime Puerta through a story of profound loss, recovery, and hope. Jaime recounts the tragic loss of her son, Daniel Puerta Johnson, a precocious and intelligent young man, who fell victim to fentanyl poisoning in 2020. Through his pain, Jaime offers a poignant insight into Daniel’s life, his struggles with mental health, and his tragic encounter with fentanyl. As he takes us through his personal tragedy, Jaime also shares how he founded VOID: Victims of Illicit Drugs, a beacon of hope aiming to spread awareness and prevent similar tragedies in other families. Join us as we explore Jaime’s tireless efforts to fight against fentanyl poisoning.

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About Our Guest

Jaime Puerta HeadshotJaime Puerta is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Puerta & Associates, Inc.; a small Interpreting business that specializes in furnishing Certified Interpreters to Attorneys, Doctors, and Courts working within the Workman’s Compensation field in the State of California. He resides in Santa Clarita, California, with his wife Claudia. Jaime is also the President of V.O.I.D., “Victims Of Illicit Drugs”, a California 501C non-profit dedicated to educating parents and children about the dangers of illicit drug use, and also about the dangers that abound on social media platforms. Jaime also sits on the Advisory Board of A.C.C.O. “The Alliance To Counter Crime Online”. Jaime became involved in the fight against Fentanyl when his only son Daniel passed away due to Fentanyl Poisoning on April 6, 2020.

Jaime is an avid Harley Davidson enthusiast and rides his motorcycles whenever time permits him to do so.

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