Ever wondered how a pastor’s kid from Trinidad and Tobago ended up ministering love in the American marketplace? Join me as I sit down with Gary Kahn as he takes us through his unique faith walk. Gary’s life story is inspiring: from a restless pastor’s kid exploring his understanding of God to hearing God’s call and moving toward ministry. His 32 years of ministry have seen their fair share of crises and questioning, but through it all, Gary found his way back to the unshakeable foundations of his faith.

And it doesn’t end at the pulpit. Gary navigated the transition from traditional pastoral work into chaplaincy, bringing Christ’s love into the workplace. He uncovers the process of building relationships with people who may not necessarily step foot in a church and shares how these connections create a platform to exhibit the love of Christ in real life ways. Gary also shares about his latest book, “That Didn’t Go the Way I Thought,” where he provides a refreshing take on faith and life’s surprising twists. Listen in to this week’s Simple Faith.

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About Our Guest

Gary Kahn leans forward with his head resting on his hands. The background is black.Gary Khan was born on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. He moved to America when he was 20 to pursue his education and calling to be a pastor. He met his wife DeLaine at Eugene Bible College (now New Hope Christian College) and upon their graduation, they were married and began working at a church in Santa Clarita, CA. After 32 years as a pastor, Gary became an Executive Director of Operations for Marketplace Chaplains. He is the author of several books including, That Didn’t Turn Out The Way I Thought, and devotionals Reset and Greater.

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