If you’re a pastor, I am sure at some point you’ve been asked, “why hasn’t God answered my prayer?” If I am honest, I get it a lot, so much so that I decided to look through the Bible to find out what scripture says we should do after we’ve prayed.

The result, After Amen, a book looking at those things you can do while waiting for God. The insights I gained by looking at the ministry of Jesus and his response to those around him were so powerful I decided to teach through the steps we can take to help strengthen our faith while we wait on God, and the results were awesome.

After Amen became one of our church’s favorite series, and I want to share it with you!

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You’ve prayed about it. Now What?

Though none of us pray enough, we all pray some. We pour out our prayers, then say, “amen.” And we wait/ So what do we do while we wait for God to answer our prayers?


“Rusty tackles the questions so many of us have: Does God really hear my prayers? And, if so, why does it feel like nothing is happening? Rusty’s insights are timely and so needed today.”

Andy Stanley, pastor at North Point Community Church, best-selling author, and founder of North Point Ministires


Rusty George is the Lead Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. With a dedicated leadership style, he envisions Crossroads Christian Church thriving as a vibrant community devoted to helping people find and follow Jesus. Rusty’s preaching experience spans over 30 years, starting in Kentucky, moving to California, and currently in Texas.

In addition to his role at Crossroads Christian Church, Rusty is a globally recognized speaker, leader, author, and teacher with a focus on making faith simple. He has authored several books and hosts the weekly podcast, Simple Faith with Rusty George.

Aside from being a loyal Chiefs, Royals, and Lakers fan, Rusty is first and foremost committed to his family. Rusty has been married to his wife, Lorrie, for over thirty years, and they have two adult daughters, Lindsey, and Sidney. As a family, they enjoy walking the dogs, playing board games, and watching HGTV together, while Rusty keeps up with ESPN on his iPad.

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