After Amen

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You’ve prayed about it. Now what?

Though none of us pray enough, we all pray some. There eventually comes a moment when we get desperate enough to cry out to God. We pour out our prayers, making confessions, promises, and deals, then we say Amen. And we wait. And wait. Sometimes the silence is deafening, and we question whether God hears us or not. We wonder if our prayers ever got past the ceiling, if he’s even there, or if he is waiting on us to do something. So what do we do while we wait for God to answer our prayers?

As a pastor with decades of experience, Rusty George offers a new way to help you connect with God and get answers while you wait. By exploring the ministry of Jesus, you will encounter a variety of people who come to him in need, but receive a mixed response; while some get an immediate answer, some have work to do, and some simply wait. As you read, discover the powerful steps of faith you can take after saying Amen.

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3 reviews for After Amen

  1. Zachary Blaisdell. (verified owner)

    This book was SO GOOD. It’s about prayer, but much more then that. It’s about working for what we have prayed for too. It’s about putting faith & prayer into action.

  2. Brad Williams

    Exceptional book addressing a very misunderstood topic. I love the Biblical examples that Rusty uses to drive home the value of what we doing not just before we pray but after.

  3. Willow Fiegl

    Best book I have ever read. Rusty gave real life experiences that I could relate to and made awareness that I am not alone and others have thoughts like I do. Truly gave me more of an understanding perspective on what to do after prayer and while waiting on God. Yes

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