The greatest thing you do as a leader is not WHAT you do but WHO you develop. 

Just finished the latest John Maxwell leadership book.  For those unfamiliar with John, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? (said with a smile)

Maxwell has sold a gigillion leadership books and is considered to be one of the greatest thinkers and writers when it comes to the topic of leadership.  His latest book is entitled “The Leader’s Greatest Return.”

This is a really good read. I recommend it.  But you may not have time to read the entire thing, so let me give you the big takeaway for this week:

While you as a leader faces many demands for your time, the greatest use of your time will be to develop ANOTHER leader. 

Over the course of the book, John will walk through how to identify a leader, motivate them, equip them and empower them.  

You may think, who do I lead? Why does this matter?  I’m a door greeter at church, or I’m a stay at home mom, or I teach 3rd grade – I’m just trying to survive. To this John would say “Leadership is adding value to someone else… so pick someone and add value.”

He cites great stories from business leaders… like the reason Chick-Fil-A is so successful is not just because they focus on creating great food, the focus on developing leaders who serve people.  While other fast food chains are in the food business, they are in the people development business. “We develop people who serve other people.”

3 great questions to ask in every “teaching opportunity” –

What can you apply to your life?

What can you change about yourself?
What can you teach to someone else to help them?

So, who can you help by adding value to this week?  Maybe send them this blog.  Maybe subscribe to John’s podcast.  Maybe even read and then share his book. As you plan out your week, ask yourself “What will I help someone else do this week?”  “What are 2-3 things that have made my job more effective that I can pass on to someone else?”  And then put it on your calendar. Prioritize developing leaders. 

Someone added value to your life… now pay it forward. 

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