No one aspires to be a grumpy old man. Or a bitter old woman. But it still happens. 

The longer we live, the more wounds we pick up along the way. And like all wounds, if they are left untreated, they can do some serious damage. 

Bitterness is just like that.  We bandage it up with “I’m fine.”  We glorify it like a battle scar from the war. But deep inside it’s eating us up.  It cripples our relationships. It turns us into the person we never set out to be.

What if 2021 became the year you found healing for your bitterness. 

Here are three things to use to help you get over bitterness. 

1. Sherlock Holmes’ hat. 

Since the problem is often the symptom, do a little detective work.  Don’t just say you hate crowds, or you hate democrats… let’s get to the root of it. Why do you hate these things? What is it that causes you such pain?  It’s like the person who hates the Green Bay Packers. Why? Their ex-husband was a fan.  We’ve all got a root cause. What is it?

2. A Judges’ Robe. 

When someone has hurt you or taken something from you, in your mind you think they owe you something. You sit on the judges bench and declare… You owe me a promotion, or a childhood, or a first marriage.  Instead of stating what they owe you, decide to cancel the debt. Now, keep in mind, there is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. You may never forget.  And there is a difference between forgiving and trusting.  You don’t have to trust them again, but you can let them out of the jail in your mind.  

3. Silly string.

Nothing says “celebrate good times” like silly string. (Well, maybe Kool and the Gang) So, decide to celebrate when good things happen to the person to whom you are bitter.  I had a friend that I felt backstabbed me.  I was bitter for years.  Then I decided to start celebrating everything they did.  It turns out I was the one who was set free.  If you are reading this and you think I’ve been overly encouraging to you, maybe I was once bitter toward you. (Just kidding) 

The Apostle Paul reminds us that we should forgive… just as the Lord Jesus has forgiven us. (Col.3:13). In the end, we’ll be the ones who are blessed. 


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