For all who fear becoming their parents…

There are certain phrases that we all grow up hearing that we file away and say “I’ll never say that to my kids”… and then one day, we do.

… “Because I said so”
… “Life isn’t fair”
… “I’ll give you something to cry about”

The list can go on. This is part of why that Progressive commercial where the coach is helping people to not act like their parents is so successful.

Because we all get it. 

So, before you give in to mowing the lawn in black socks and sandals, here are three pieces of advice…

Three Pieces of Advice for People Who Are Afraid of Becoming Their Parents

1 • Some things are good to imitate.

Work ethic, faithfulness, care and nurturing.

If traits like these were part of your growing up, embrace them and pass them on.

Even the corny jokes and seemingly out of touch comments can be endearing and oddly vulnerable to our kids.  So, before you say “lets talk on the face-phone” remember, just because they laugh at you doesn’t mean that they don’t love you.

2 • Some things need to be healed.

We’re currently doing an entire series at RLC about this.

Many of us are the recipients of the “sins of the father”, and the only way to keep from passing some of these things down is to work them out with a trusted Christian Counselor. 

Keep in mind, just because you choose NOT to do what your father did, doesn’t mean the opposite is a good option either. If you grew up in poverty and you think I’ll work hard to provide, it could lead to workaholism. 

The only way to find balance is with healing through the love of Jesus. 

3 • All parents need this one phrase.

The most helpful thing I’ve ever heard for parenting was more of a word of encouragement than instruction:  

“The average kid can handle the average mistakes from the average parent.” 

Sometimes, average really is best. 

Your Pastor,
Rusty George


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