The events of the past 2 years have made many wonder… is this the end?

Wars, pandemics, social unrest, rebellions, uprisings, hurricanes, earthquakes…it’s easy to think the world is about to end.

But as a Christian, what are we to assume?

Recently I interviewed Douglass Cobb, the author of a book called “And then the end will come” LISTEN HERE and found his reasoning for why Jesus may be coming back soon had little to do with all the recent events, little to do with the book of Revelation, but everything to do with another overlooked passage of scripture…

Take a look at what Jesus said about the end:

“This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14)

Yes, there are predictions about what the end times will be like – but some scholars disagree about whether that was about the coming destruction of Jerusalem in 70ad or about the end of the world.

But Jesus gives us one clear indicator in this passage. The gospel will be preached to all nations.

Two things to consider.

  1. Translating the Bible into all languages is near. Due to the incredible work of Bible translators, we should have all languages covered in the next few years.
    Getting the Bible to all people is near. Due to the efforts of great missionaries and the Youversion Bible app, the ability to access the Gospel is now within the next couple of years.
  2. Obviously, we are closer than we ever have been. As the great theologian Steve Miller once said “Time keeps on ticking… into the future.”
    But whether we “fly like an eagle” in our lifetime or not, the question is this… are you ready?

And not just have you completed the minimal requirements for getting into heaven… but rather… are you ready to spend eternity with Jesus?

Eternity with Jesus means you are excited to be in his visible presence 24/7. You care about what he cares about. You are helping others find and follow him. You find your greatest joy with him rather than hiding from him.

In the words of Dallas Willard “I believe God will let everyone into his heaven who can possibly stand it.”

Yes, we are closer than we ever have been. But until then, let’s continue to be about the Father’s business.

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