“One less gift? What do you mean one less gift, Rusty?”

Well gang, it’s almost Christmas! And In the spirit of Leading Simple, can I offer a suggestion to simplify your Christmas?

Buy one less gift.  

Yep, I know, sounds crazy. 

And who goes without? How about you?

Ask your family if you can sponsor a child this year through Compassion with that money.  

Listen to what happens when you do. Here’s a conversation with a young man who was sponsored by a 15-year-old girl and her babysitting money and it changed his life. He now leads and influences 750,000 people!


Or listen to Keewani. She was sponsored by a family and it changed her life.  She now is the physical therapist for many Dallas Cowboy football players.


This year, go without one gift… so you can change a life. 


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