Eric Geiger knows a thing or two about what it’s like to follow a legend. We’ve all had to step into a role where we’ve felt like we’ve had big shoes to fill, so I hope you’ll appreciate his incredible insights as much as I did. Eric is the Senior Pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. He’s also authored several books, including Simple Church (co-written with Thom Rainer).

In this episode, we talk about what it was like for Eric to take over for Kenton Beshore, a pastoral legend, and how he led Mariners through the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, we discuss the research that prompted him to write Simple Church and the one thing Eric hopes to change about how the Church does discipleship.


Introduction – 0:00

  • What led Eric to become a pastor?
  • How did Simple Church come to be?
  • How did Eric see people simplifying their strategy as a result of those findings? What worked and what didn’t?

Eric’s time at Lifeway – 11:20

  • What was his role at Lifeway?
  • How did his time at Lifeway impact his transition back into pastoral leadership?

Eric’s transition to Mariners – 20:03

  • How did Eric’s transition to Mariners Church happen?
  • What was it like to follow a legend?
  • What did Eric feel was the most pressing thing to do as soon as he stepped into his new role?

Looking towards the future – 32:52

  • What does Eric see as the future of church gathering post-COVID?
  • How does Mariners Church navigate their church structure with elders?

About Our Guest

Eric Geiger Smiling

Eric Geiger headshot

Eric Geiger is the Senior Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine, California. Before moving to Southern California, Eric served as senior vice-president for LifeWay Christian Resources. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary.

Eric has authored or co-authored several books including the best selling church leadership book, Simple Church. Eric is married to Kaye, and they have two daughters: Eden and Evie. During his free time, Eric enjoys dating his wife, taking his daughters to the beach, and playing basketball.

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