Being a pastor’s kid can be anything but simple. My daughters can tell you that first hand. But I’m so proud of how they’ve navigated it over the years. That’s why I’m excited to have my daughters Sidney and Lindsey on this week’s episode.

You’ll get to hear them share about the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with having parents in ministry and how it impacts who they are today. Plus, you get to hear the girls ask me some of their burning questions.

I had a great time doing this episode with them, and I hope you have just as much fun listening. Special thanks to Leadr for sponsoring this episode and to each and every single one our listeners. We appreciate you!


What it’s Really Like Being a Pastor’s Kid – 0:47

  • The best thing about being a pastor’s kid.
  • The challenges of being a pastor’s kid.
  • The impact of outside expectations on pastors’ kids.

Lessons from Mom and Dad – 7:30

  • Navigating healthy boundaries with your parents.
  • Getting better at talking to people with Tennis Ball Conversations

How Being a PK Impacts Them Today – 16:30

  • What Sidney and Lindsey would tell pastors who are parents.
  • Making faith their own.
  • Lindsey & Sidney ask me their questions.


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