If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, then you’ve heard me speak to some incredible pastors who have led their churches through different tragedies and transitions. Navigating through a crisis is no easy feat. I know on our end, we’ve done some things right and we’ve done some things wrong. But through it all, we’ve had these experiences that we don’t feel like we should keep to ourselves. That’s why I’m grateful to my friend Fred Gray, the executive pastor at Real Life Church. 

Fred and I designed a course called Leading Through Crisis. Our hope is to equip you with ways to lead through a crisis as healthily as possible, so you don’t have to become one.

Now, I’d love for you to check out the course. There are so many great resources available including how to address a national loss, how to work with the press, and the preventative measures you should take before a crisis ever happens. If you’re curious and want a deeper dive into why we created this course, join my conversation with Fred Gray as we talk through our experiences leading through crisis.Special thanks to ServeHQ for sponsoring this week!


Rusty & Fred remember their experiences leading through crisis – 2:38

  • How Fred started at Real Life Church
  • The importance of having a healthy staff.
  • Communicating well when a crisis occurs

Preparation is Key – 14:17

  • How do you need to prepare for a crisis before it occurs?
  • A bit more background about the Leading Through Crisis leadership course.
  • What Rusty and Fred did right, wrong, and do differently now.

What to do when you hit the wall – 19:32

  • Fred’s shares his own experience hitting the wall.
  • Healthier ways to cope with burnout.
  • What would Fred say to himself 10 years ago?


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