So much is written about what to start we rarely consider what to stop. We don’t have an infinite amount of time and energy, so in order to start some new habits, we might want to stop some old ones. Here are 3 things to consider stopping this year.


If you want to find more joy, be a better role model for your kids and dwell less on the negative. Try gratitude journaling or some other form of looking for positivities, but mainly decide to stop complaining. If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Buy with 1 click.

Online shopping can be the most convenient way to shop, but it can be the most dangerous. It’s almost TOO easy. I can have an idea of what I want and have it bought within the same minute. Try removing the “buy with 1 click” option. At least you’ll slow down the drive to buy!

Endless scrolling.

We can all kill an evening on TikTok. Or Instagram. And we are never better off for it when it’s over. Set a timer or use the screen time options on your phone. Have some restraint before you wake up one morning and realize you know five things about buying shellfish but don’t remember what day it is.

Those are just my random ideas… what are yours? Add what you’re going to stop doing in the comments below.

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