If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s supporting leaders. And Brian Carpenter shares that same passion. That’s why he started the Refuge Foundation and why we love sending groups to the incredible experiences that they create. The Refuge Foundation sets up experiences where leaders can not only grow but recover from the pains of leadership. Burnout is more prevalent in ministry and the statistics are stunning. 

Now, we’ve talked with one of the board members of the Refuge Foundation about how to avoid burnout (you can listen to my conversation with Lance Witt here). And it was great getting another perspective on how to prevent it. Brian and I sit down and dig into his heart behind the foundation, his experiences in ministry, and how fly fishing with friends can be one of the most restoring things you can do.

Special thanks to BELAY Solutions for sponsoring this week’s episode! You can learn more about how they support pastors and leaders at belaysolutions.com/rusty.


About our Guest

At his core Brian Carpenter has an entrepreneurial spirit. His personal experiences are the genesis behind Refuge. As a pastor, Brian knows the isolation, stress and challenges non-profit leadership can bring about. Brian has a passion to see leaders emerge from isolation into deep and meaningful relationships, relax in comfortable atmospheres and receive the types of coaching that bring about real health. Brian’s unique perspective as a pastor and businessman are invaluable to the team.

Brian and the love of his life, DeAnn have made the decision for years to spend their lives in commitment to leaders who are changing the world. In 2008 they started a coffee bar in Billings, MT that focused on making people’s lives better. They have a son, Asher and a daughter Ruby who they dream will leave a legacy of love for Christ and for His Church.

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