Even though the death of Billy Graham was a week ago, we are still trying to wrap our minds around who he was and the legacy he left. In an effort to try to explain his impact to our kids, I’ve found that these posts can really help. Thank you Brian Dodd for collecting these.

  1. Kathy Lee Gifford Gives The Best Billy Graham Tribute by Bob Ditmer via ChurchLeaders.com. Incredible tribute!!!! Must-watch!!!
  2. “Billy Was My Hero.” Pastor Rick Warren Remembers His Mentor Billy Graham via Time.com
  3. Billy Graham Converts Thousands To Christ While Waiting In Line To Get To Heaven by The Babylon Bee
  4. Billy Graham’s Ministry In Four Words by J.D. Greear
  5. Billy Graham — Will There Ever Be Another Like Him? by William Martin via FoxNews.com
  6. Billy Graham’s Nephew Isn’t Mourning His Passing by Nikie Mayo via USAToday.com
  7. Billy Graham Bore Witness For 99 Years by Russell Moore via The Wall Street Journal
  8. “God Did The Work, Period”  My Tribute To Billy Graham by John Piper via Desiring God
  9. Thank You, Billy Graham by Thom Rainer
  10. Reflections On The Passing Of Rev. Billy Graham, One Of The Greatest Christian Heroes Of Our Time by Ed Stetzer via ChristianityToday.com

The truth is we’ll never be able to sum him up. But the great news is we have so much to celebrate. Welcome home good and faithful servant!

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