All moms want to be the Unicorn Mom. Unicorn Moms do everything and they do it perfectly. You know everything you’ve ever seen on Pinterest? They do all of it. Every meal is homemade from organic ingredients. Their house is immaculate and stylish. They probably have shiplap. They bring homemade organic granola bars to their son’s soccer games. They are, of course, team mom. They are also PTA president and room mom. They volunteer at the library, the church, and the women’s outreach center. They hold down full-time jobs, no, careers. They keep their husband happy in and out of the bedroom. Every selfie looks like a professional photographer set it up. They make it to the gym every morning before coming home and waking the kids up to the smell of the Mickey Mouse shaped organic pancakes she just made. They do it all.  

Do you want to know what is most special about the Unicorn Mom? Well, just like the unicorn, the Unicorn Mom is make-believe. She is the imaginary person you have put together in your minds from seeing people’s Facebook pages and Pinterest pins. The Unicorn Mom does not actually exist.

What about the Proverbs 31 Mom? Well, she actually is the Unicorn Mom because she doesn’t exist either. Proverbs 31 was written as a poem for men to try to up their dating game. Men just wanted someone pretty. Proverbs 31 says look harder. But we can still learn from her. She is good to her husband (vs. 11-12). She feeds and clothes her family (vs. 15, 21). She teaches her children right from wrong (vs. 26). She’s a hard worker (vs. 27). She is strong and dignified and wise (vs. 25-26).

Most moms can’t work a loom but you can be good to your husband, feed and clothe your children, work hard (at whatever you’re doing), and teach your kids right from wrong. You can try your best to be strong and dignified and wise. You can receive God’s grace when you mess up and you can ask for help from your friends because we’re better together. You can figure out the gifts God has given you that make you special and work hard to use them. Don’t try to do it all; just do a good job at what you do do. Release the dream of being the Unicorn Mom and be a real mom instead.

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