It’s tough to stay motivated in the COVID season.  

It reminds me of how my grandma used to drive.  All gas, then all brake.  It was exhausting and a bit dangerous.  We’d gun it through a turn and then slam on the brakes to make the next one.  Pretty sure I had whiplash after every time I rode with her.

Leading through this season feels like that.  You just get settled into a routine of working from home, then your business opens.  Then you go back, and then you’re sent home.  Every day there are new rules and new regulations about how to do life in this crazy season.  

So when the rules of the game seem to be changing daily… How can you stay motivated to keep playing?  Maybe your business depends on you being on top of your game. For you maybe it’s your family that depends on you staying positive and being optimistic. Or maybe it’s a team at work that relies on you bringing your best every single day.  

Here’s one thing I learned this week…

When I sense my motivation tank is draining, it’s usually because of one thing.  Control.  I’m trying to fix everything, control the outcome, and make everyone happy. And it’s a daunting task… So why even try?  Then my motivation is gone. 

During COVID every time I start to find my footing and start thinking I’ve got this, it’s dying out, now I can control the rest of the calendar, my plans, my goals… and about the time I get my footing… everything changes. 

And this isn’t just during COVID… this is all the time.  An unexpected sickness, a change in weather, a team member’s resignation, or even a crisis that takes up a bulk of your week… and you’re off schedule. You’re out of sorts. And your motivation starts to wane.  Why even try? I’m overwhelmed.  Because I can’t control it, then maybe I shouldn’t even try it. 

Here’s the secret I’ve found to be true – Pastor and author Craig Groeschell recently said, “There are only 2 things you can control: Effort and attitude.” 

I can control how hard I work… and I can control how I do my work. And when I do this, it has an enormous impact on my motivation.  After all, this is something I can control. This is something I can do. So my challenge each day is not to predict the weather, out maneuver a coworker, or fix my family… it is to bring my best effort and attitude. My only opponent is me.  And I’m motivated to win!

When I focus on the only two things I can control… my effort and my attitude… suddenly my motivation tank begins to fill. 

The pressure is off. You don’t have to control everything. 

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